Outdoor Bike Rentals

Base Camp at the Outdoor Adventures Cabin

Welcome to base camp!!! The Outdoor Adventures Cabin is where we house our gear, operate our bike program, and rent gear.

We have a number of 1 speed cruisers that we rent to students for the semester as well as a few 25 speed bikes. Along with our bike rentals, we do repair and maintenance on your bike for free! We will do all service work - all you have to do is supply any parts that are needed. Don't worry - if you aren't a bike mechanic, we will help you figure out what you need.

If you need any other gear for your outdoor undertaking, we also rent anything that you will need for your trip. Click the Equipment Rental tab located to your left for a list of equipment and rental prices.

“The Cabin” is where your adventure starts!


2-5 PM

Monday - Friday

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